Claus Richter

Claus Richter

Claus Richter

Best Known For

His super-strength and thirst for revenge. His determination is well known among the army.


Battle ax formed by his late friends’ charms

Based In



Not knowing what to do after leaving the orphanage at 18, Claus found himself signing up for the army.

He was oddly built and was physically bigger than people his age which got him recruited straight away. In only three years, he was ranked as a commander and had a team provided for him. In the field, they listened to him but off duty, Claus listened to them, learned from them, and considered them his brothers. His closest friends were Elias and Oskar. Unlike Claus, most of them had families waiting for them back home, but they couldn’t see them because the team never got time off. 

The soldiers each had an item made of metal that they carried with them for good luck. This belief didn’t come from any superstition but from a promise they all made to each other. That they weren’t going to die.

Claus’ team was very strong, and their missions were always successful. There was no fear of death in any of the men because until now, they always had each other’s backs. The Grane authorities appreciated the power of Claus’ team, that is why they never had the chance to go back home to their families. Yet authorities were also threatened by their powers.

They made the mistake of giving Claus too much individual power which damaged the structure of the ones in power and jeopardized their control. Claus was confident because he knew they couldn’t afford to lose such power as the team was the best one in case the country needed an overseas problem.

It was 2:00 A.M when Claus got the call to gather his team and move to Oft island immediately. Following orders, that is what he exactly did. Everyone geared up in two minutes making sure they loaded their weapons and took their lucky metals to carry on their hearts. 

That day, they fell into a trap. The authorities decided to overlook their international advantage and murdered the team that was allegedly on its way to corruption. There were 1000 men sent to destroy 10 men that day. The team killed over 500 but couldn’t keep up with the other half.

After completing their mission, the assassins left without touching the bodies, because that was another department’s job. Claus got shot from his two shoulders and his heart and was bleeding out. He was able to hardly take off his uniform and look at his heart where the bullet bounced off his lucky metal.

With a huge determination, Claus got up and found his friends’ lifeless bodies. This was the first time he found himself in a state of shock, but the pain in his body returned him to reality. They were all dead, and he was the only survivor. 

Without a second thought, he respectfully collected the team’s lucky charms each with a size of an orange, placed them in his bag, and walked away. 

Claus managed to reach the Ruana island by swimming, and his body gave up when he reached the shore. He woke up lying on the bed in a place that seemed like a basement. He tried to get up, but his body didn’t cooperate. He stared at the ceiling thinking about what he has been through, he lost sense of time and couldn’t remember how long ago it was. His wounds seemed to heal which indicated that he had been there and asleep for at least three days. 

A nun walked into the room and interrupted his thoughts. She didn’t ask him any questions except “How do you feel?” 

Claus stayed there for weeks, hiding from the assassins that killed his brothers. Filled with vengeance, he needed to come up with a plan. When he gathered up his strength, he dialed a Whelvetian  number from the landline of the church.

When the receiver picked up, he said:

“Klara, I need your help.”

Klara flew over that night to Ruana and took Claus to Albine, where they met Mufasa. Mufasa hosted them in his layer, and after a long discussion, Claus took out his mates’ lucky charms and asked Mufasa to use Maduka’s laboratory. He stayed there for two weeks until he came out with a long battle-axe. The metal parts were made by his friends’ charms, and he was ready for vengeance.