Clint Cybereyes

Clint Cybereyes

Clint Cybereyes

Best Known For

Being a professional stalker that has great computer skills.


Gun, Mitch

Based In



Clint was a well-known DJ in the most crowded area of Larla. He suddenly emerged from the darkness and one day performed in Opal, the club of the rich. There was one thing unique about Clint that differentiated him from other music makers. No one was able to talk to him.

He hid behind his goggles that no one figured out what it was for, and he always had a customized drone over his turntables. The drone would fly over the crowd and make them mad with its light effects over the dancing people. It was always magical. 

No one knew about this, but Clint’s regular day would look something like this:

Play bass, drop the beat, get data via his drone, finish the show, and let the actual show begin.

No blood was spilled by Clint until now. At least, not first-hand. Once he left the stage, he entered a dark quiet passage underneath Opal and unlocked his layer.

He sat on his chair in front of ten screens and began his analysis. 

Three men and one woman’s lives depended on Clint’s index finger that day, and he pressed enter. This is all he did to help the State wipe away the corruption among the wealthy. After all, they need to make sure that the State survived without the snakes.

Clint got paid, and that’s all he cared about; all his investments went to Mitch, his drone and best friend. Still, no one knew what he was capable of, or his other room filled with weapons that he knew would come in handy someday. 

For now, he is a puppet of the State, controlled by money. But what would happen the day he decides to go rogue?