Dimitry Vlaslov

Dimitry Vlaslov

Dimitry Vlaslov

Best Known For

Having precise aim. He is the best sniper in the universe.


Dragunov Sniper Gun

Based In



Dmitry was a successful mercenary sniper when men showed power by fighting each other in hot wars. 

Karian was lucky to have his help, but he didn’t care for much except the money he gets in return for his help. Dmitry was not very enthusiastic about his job, he loved his Dragunov but shooting without a bigger goal seemed… pointless.

One night at the barracks, he couldn’t go to sleep. It was around 3:00 A.M, and there was a snowstorm outside. Aside from the roars of the storm, he started to hear unusual murmuring coming from outside of their shed. 

He got up, making sure everyone was asleep, then proceeded to follow the sounds. Behind a huge pine tree, there were three men. Two of them were dressed in a full green bodysuit covering their entire body including the head. They almost looked like they could go diving in the ocean any minute. The third man was a soldier. They were arguing about something, and Dmitry was curious, but a hunch told him not to get too close. 

Dmitry resisted his inner voice’s warnings and moved forward to hear better. They were talking about some secret intergalactic Olympics. This seemed strange to Dmitry because why would other planets and earth hide such an event? He was intrigued and started to think how much fun it could be if he were to attend this event. 

He was a mercenary for a long time now, he had what it takes. Deep in thought, Dmitry didn’t notice the men switched their gaze from each other to him and they were coming closer. 

The soldier had run away already and one of the men in a green suit said, “Let’s talk, shall we?” before spraying an unknown gas on Dmitry’s face. Those words were the last thing he remembered. 

He woke up in a room that could also be called a box because of how small it was. He got up and faced the tiny mirror above the sink. He thought he looked fine for someone who just got kidnapped. 

Then he heard a sound coming from the speakers at the corner of the room. “Please exit, turn right and proceed to the main hall.” So that’s what he did, knowing he probably didn’t have a choice.

They suited him up with a turquoise suit that fit him perfectly and fastened belts around his chest which didn’t make sense to him, but he still thought they were cool. Finally, they opened a cupboard and revealed his Dragunov. At least he thought it was his Dragunoy but when he held it, it felt… different. 

This sniper rifle was reverse engineered and improved to get a more accurate shot equipped with a laser light module that allowed a faster target acquisition. Still not knowing where he was, Dmitry felt comfortable holding his improved weapon. 

A woman with short white hair entered the room and didn’t say a word. She took him to a larger area with glass windows, and that is when Dmitry came back to reality and realized he wasn’t in a familiar place.

The earth was live in front of him. The partial view of the planet took his breath away, and the woman began to speak. “You will be competing against the galaxy’s most experienced snipers in tournaments that will last for one year. If you win, you will be selected to join a special task force which will be the defense team of humanity getting ready for outside threats.”

Dmitry was confused: “What threats, woman?”

The woman laughed, “We will talk about that later. My name is Leslie, welcome to Phosphania.”

Dmitry didn’t know what to say and was confused as to how he put himself in this situation. But at least, he had his Dragunov with him and that is all he needs.

He attended the tournaments month after month competing rivals from different nationalities, continents, and planets. 

He thought he could forget what Leslie said about the outside threats if he focused on shooting dummies and targets every day. After a year, he was selected as the best sniper in the galaxy, it wasn’t a difficult year for him, he felt like this is what he was born to do, but his training was just beginning.

They later recruited him to a special task force that contained a lot of people with different weapons and talents. They trained together for five months until they were given their first assignment. 

“Go back to Earth and collect the chosen heroes.”