Elis Celia

Elis Celia

Elis Celia

Best Known For

Being fast and her love for her mother. She is very curious and asks a lot of questions.


Sword hidden in a baguette

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Candice gave birth to Elis 2051. She taught her all she knows about fighting and mastered her in taekwondo. All her life, Elis didn’t understand why Candice would insist on training every day and even scolded her when she would resist.

Elis liked to spend this time with her mother, she was her best friend. Yet, she wanted to go out and have fun as her friends would. When she was 19, she left the house without informing Candice. After all, she was a big girl now.

Sneaking back home after a night out, she directly got in bed and slept. Her mother didn’t wake her up for training the next morning, she decided to take advantage of this and sleep in. But something didn’t feel right. She woke up, got dressed, brushed her blonde hair, and went to the living room.

Candice was nowhere to be seen, she searched all around the tiny flat they lived in and called and called her name. She was gone, and Elis could feel it, there was something wrong. She searched around the house looking for something that could help her find where her mother is when she came across a note stuck on the fridge next to her childhood photos.

“Tu n’auras pas besoin de moi, mais si jamais, je te trouverais.”

“You don’t need me anymore but if you ever do, I’ll find you.” Elis thought about calling the police from the landline, but it didn’t feel right to tell the police that she abandoned her. After all, she wasn’t a minor anymore. It hurt Elis to think that her mother left her just because she sneaked out with her friends, something didn’t fit in.

She opened the chest next to Candice’s bed and looked through their photos together. She hadn’t realized until now how big the chest was to hold so few photographs. That’s when she began knocking at the base and trying to hear something different, out of place, and she did. As soon as she flipped the base of the chest, she came across this beautiful arming sword with red engravings on the grip.

She took it out of its case and held it, standing in front of the mirror. It fit perfectly in her hands, but why would Candice have a sword? Mesmerized by the beauty of the weapon, she didn’t notice the note underneath at first. When she went back to the chest, there was an old papyrus written:

“Tu l’auras si tu t’en donnes les moyens.”

“You get it if you put energy into it.” Nothing made sense, so she decided to leave to the streets again. After walking for almost 10 hours, Elis returned home. She was lost, and she didn’t know what to do and how to continue her life. That’s when she heard a thud coming from her room. She quickly grabbed the sword and hid next to the door.

That night, she had to fight and kill ten men who came to assassinate her. With the power of the sword and years-worth of training, she managed to kill each one and escape. Because she couldn’t walk the streets of Gaula with a shining red arming sword, she hid it in a baguette. With the baguette under her arm, she is now homeless trying to find some answers and escape from the people who want her dead.