Klara Nyström

Klara Nyström

Klara Nyström

Best Known For

Reading the thoughts of others and remembering everything she sees/hears. She’s the descendant of Odin’s ravens.


Wings, mind

Based In



Klara was a joyous child roaming the streets of Whelvet with her father Harald always watching her. There was a family secret yet to reveal to Klara. Unaware but happy, she played around in the mud in the rain in the sun in the snow all day long until she was 16 years old. It was a strange day, her 16th birthday. She was happy as she always was, but the grown-ups had something in their minds. 

It was always hard for her to understand grown-ups because they wouldn’t talk about things when she was around, as a matter of fact, they would stay silent when there were any children around.

In this village of not a lot of people, Klara only came across those who they call family. She knew that Whelvet’s inhabitants were mostly her blood relatives, and she hardly saw an outsider roaming.

On her 16th birthday, the streets were filled with low mumbles and people walking around for their daily chores. Klara’s father brought a cake and lit 16 candles for her to blow at 14:06, the time she was born. So she did. Almost instantly the entire village went quiet. Life stopped and grey clouds hid the sunshine. Klara turned around to look at her father, but he wasn’t moving. No one was.

She went outside, and it seemed like all life had stopped except for the ravens circling above her. Suddenly, lightning and thunder woke everyone, and they all rushed to Klara. She wasn’t reachable, everyone could only watch.

After what seemed like hours but was a blink of an eye, Klara emerged high among the ravens with her colourful wings holding her halo in her hand. She slowly landed and placed the halo on top of her head as if she knew what she was doing.

The entire village celebrated, it seemed like everyone knew what just happened except Klara herself. Among the feast and celebrations of the little girl’s 16th birthday and her transformation, her father told her the story.

Harald revealed books and diaries that contained magic which made Klara understand her transformation. She was the descendant of one of Odin’s ravens, Huginn. The legend says that the bloodline would one day reveal the person who inherited the powers of Huginn on their 16th birthday. No one knew whose 16th it was until Klara’s came around. 

Accepting who she is wasn’t difficult for Klara as she already carried the powers of Huginn beforehand. Her empathy and cleverness now turned to a superpower where she can control the thoughts of others. 

Huginn had a brother, Muninn, who was Odin’s memories. Klara carries his abilities as well. She doesn’t only control minds, but she also never forgets what she learns. As years went by and she grew up to be an adult, she became one of the strongest beings in the entire world.