Laura Rockwell

Laura Rockwell

Laura Rockwell

Best Known For

Having precise aim with her shotgun. She is trying to survive on her own in a planet full of criminals.


Epione the Laser Gun

Based In



Laura was the most wanted criminal in the history of Praya. Storms would emerge where she shot her bullet yet, it always hit her target. Her determination and skills rose her to fame in no time but this wasn’t a good thing for an assassin like her.

People either wanted to hire her or kill her, but those who wanted her never knew the right cost. It was very hard to find her as well, her techniques made her invisible at night jumping from building to building and killing on demand. 

She lived by two codes. “No man can own me” and “I never miss a bullet.”

The head of security for the government in Praya however, never ceases to leave Laura alone. Although she managed to keep her trace hidden, every street, every hole started to be owned by the grown-ups and Laura couldn’t be successful in hiding on her own. Her body count was too much to wish for an excuse but the consequences of the law seemed quite negative for her.

Laura wasn’t completely alone, she had the closest thing to a best friend, Lara. A genetic engineer working for the International Space Agency. Laura finally went up to her to claim a favor she granted many many years ago.

In two years Lara managed to send Laura to Aineava, the planet where criminals escape to hide.

The technology of Aineava merged with Laura’s sharp skills with a sniper, and she was instantly connected to her gun, without giving a second thought she named her ‘Epione,’ meaning ‘soothing pain.’ 

Aineaya was her home, and training with Epione was her hobby, it felt good to take a break from all the killing she had done before, she wasn’t thinking about going back when she received a call from an unknown station which asked for permission to land on Aineaya. It was Dmitry and his team.