Mufasa Kijana

Mufasa Kijana

Mufasa Kijana

Best Known For

Having two minds in one. Telepathically connected to Ash and Ash controls Mufasa.


Ash & Stick

Based In



The man suffered all his life in the streets of Albine being homeless and starving. One of Albine’s richest men, a doctor named Maduka spotted Mufasa in the streets and took him under his roof. 

Maduka was a good man in heart, but there was a reason he took him home. Ten years ago, Maduka lost his brother Obasi to a rare disease that didn’t have a cure. He became a doctor to cure that but he was too young and the disease was acting fast. Mufasa looked exactly like Obasi and Maduka thought that this was meant to be.

He worked for him for five years until he had a tragic accident when a gang attacked the mansion stabbing Mufasa on the head with a long screwdriver.

Everyone thought he was dead but Maduka wasn’t ready to give up on Mufasa and so he took him to his laboratory in his basement. After he closed the door he looked at Mufasa’s immobile body and smiled. This was his chance. 

He opened a cupboard and revealed Ash, a lifeless giant robot in the shape of a dog. “Hello, old friend.” he stated as he took a triangular piece from Ash’s chest and inserted it in Mufasa’s flesh in the middle of his chest. Ash awoke, it took him some time to adjust but with a roar, his eyes shone like diamonds as Mufasa’s eyes opened.

They weren’t brown anymore, Mufasa’s eyes were as white as death but he got up and stated, “Hello Maduka.” Ash was revived from the cupboard where Mufasa revived from the dead or at least, his body did. 

Mufasa’s brain functions were low but not entirely useless. It could give simple commands like the movement of the muscle, hunger or thirst to the body. But all the other decisions Mufasa had to make were dependent on Ash. Ash, on the other hand, needed a body to carry his consciousness to survive. They are now dependent on each other. Ash was grateful for Maduka, but it was dangerous for them if someone knew about their ‘companionship’ because with this technology under his roof, Maduka can get a lot of attention and trouble.

They kept it a secret as long as they could. It was easy in the beginning as Mufasa and Ash spent a year trying to figure out how to live in sync and get used to each other.