Natalia Kowalcyzk

Natalia Kowalcyzk

Natalia Kowalcyzk

Best Known For

Being stuck in a hell loop after being kidnapped. Her brothers were murdered in front of her eyes. She has no mercy.



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Natalia Kowalcyzk trained by her older brothers fell into the responsibility of looking after her family business five years ago. 

Natalia left the house with her brothers to get a drink after a long day of elimination. Her purpose in life was always to protect her family and look after the business their grandmother left behind. 

After a few drinks, Nelek and Nikolai decided to walk back home in the silence of the Kraków night. It was around 4:30 in the morning and Natalia thought it wasn’t a good idea to walk. Yet, she’d rather suck it up and keep her opinions to herself instead of initiating a fight with her brothers.

“Only if babcia could see the work we do every day. She’d be proud of us right Nata?”

Natalia looked at Nikolai and thought about the events that brought them there. She was a businesswoman six years ago working for the biggest technological companies in the world. After her grandmother passed away, she inherited all her mysterious fortune and had to adapt to a new life.

Her brothers held her from her shoulders at the funeral and told her to get ready because it was her turn to find out.

For three years she was trained to use rifles and without knowing what for, she committed herself to the art. She was thrown in dungeons, tortured, and trapped to make her figure her way out. Only then the family secret would be revealed. 

After her training, she earned the right to go on the field with her brothers. At first, they used her as a figurant in their missions until she presented Nelek and Nikolai with her first kill. She stopped counting after that because that was her family business, and she loved her family.

She came back to reality after Nikolai repeated his sentence. “Yes,” she muttered. But something was wrong. It was too quiet, even for a cold night. At that moment they were attacked by Schmidt’s men. Natalia regretted not bringing her rifle, but it was too late to think about that now. Her brothers seemed out of shape after the amount of alcohol they consumed. Their survival was up to her.

She held the enemy by the neck and with a quick move she disarmed him, stealing his rifle. In the dark night, she counted 25 men and rushed to finish them all. Not one by one but two by two she managed to wipe them off until she heard Nelek yell her name. He was taken hostage while Nikolai was lying on the ground covered in blood. He didn’t move at all.

The enemy took off his mask and was revealed to be Augustyn. He wasn’t here for justice for all the killings Natalia’s family has done before but, he was here to wipe the family off the map. After all, Meliorian wasn’t big enough for two assassin families.

He pulled the trigger and broke Natalia’s heart for the second time. She lost her humanity that moment and experienced pain as she had never experienced before. The only two people she loved in the world had died in front of her. Now it was her turn to die. The last thing she heard was a gunshot and then darkness.

………. After a few drinks, Nelek and Nikolai decided to walk back home in the silence of the Meliorian night. It was around 4:30 in the morning, and Natalia thought it wasn’t a good idea. Yet, she’d rather suck in her opinions instead of initiating a fight with her brothers.

This is Natalia, after the horrifying day of her brothers’ death, she went to Rosenary. Rosenary is an institution run by Augustyn’s family where they trap and torture people with their worst memories. 

While time passed and everyone forgot about the Kovalcyzk family, Natalia was trapped in a small mechanical bed. Her body was immobile, but her mind lived that horrifying night over and over again with the system the Augustyn family built to torture their victims. She wasn’t aware of her surroundings or in control of her mind, but she received the torturous emotions for what seemed like an eternity until she was suddenly plugged out of the system and rescued. These are the first real words she heard in a long time:

“I am Sun of Art; you’ve been here long enough. We must go.”