Natsuki Kenta

Natsuki Kenta

Natsuki Kenta

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Chasing her love everywhere.



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Natsuki was born and raised in a village lost in the Kiagahara forests where nobody knew, and nobody cared. She grew up in a village where everyone was committed to tradition but didn’t need an outside force to sustain themselves. In this independent atmosphere, Natsuki learned to be her own woman as well.

This was until an outsider was brought into their little world to specifically train Natsuki for sword fighting. Even though she is one of the best, her father decided she needs to not only maintain but also improve her strength.

This stranger put more power into her palms each day they trained. He gave her ways in which she can create strength in her body and transfer it to her sword. She became as fast and as strong as no living thing has ever been in the world. 

While she developed power, she slowly started to develop an unfortunate weakness. Love.

One day, the handsome stranger left the village, never to return. Natsuki was heartbroken and angry. She waited and waited until one day she decided to take the matter into her own hands and find him. Some called it love, and others called it an obsession, but for Natsuki, she couldn’t put labels on how she felt and acted. Her surreal feelings led her to find a clue, a stone.

A stone that seemed normal at first but began glowing as Natsuki got closer to its presence. It grew and grew with piercing light, and then, Swallowed her whole.

The fighter found herself in the streets of Hanakuro and continued to look for her handsome stranger. However, the streets weren’t kind to her. Regardless, she was glad to fight along the way so that she wouldn’t be rusty when she reunites with her stranger. 

Not long after, she was considered one of the most dangerous people in the world and was hired as a hitwoman by the rich. 

Even after ten years in the neon city, she didn’t come across her heartbreaker, but she never stopped looking for him.