Rebecca Lee

Rebecca Lee

Rebecca Lee

Best Known For

Being in depression after her father was killed by bandits. She improved herself and gained fighting skills while missing an arm.



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Rebecca was the daughter of Lingyun Lee, a modest merchant who lived in Minckhi village at the coast of Dialiha. Lingyunn was the descendant of Zheng Yi Sao, who was the most successful woman in the world of piracy. 

After her husband died in 1807, Zhen Yi Sao started to run his pirate ship making it her own. But, she had principles. 

“No man shall go on shore alone, or he would get his ears cut off, made fun of, and then executed. 

No stolen items should be taken privately or else he would be executed.

No women captives taken from the villages should be bothered or harmed in any way or the harasser will be executed.”

Rebecca grew up hearing these stories of her great grandmother who was known by the entire nation. She idolized her and admired her strength. This is why she began practicing Qiang Spear at a very young age. Although her family wasn’t in the piracy world anymore and pirates ceased to exist in the contemporary world, she still thought admiring her ancestry made her the woman she is today.

One day she went to the market with her father to buy some fishermen items to equip their boat for a hunt later on. The market got loud all of the sudden and there appeared a group of bandits professionally equipped with swords and blades. They attacked each stand only to steal their money.

When the sellers stood up to them, they died. The bandits who came from Nixi were blind with greed and were cruel enough to rob already poor people. 

Rebecca and her father started to run but it was too crowded to get far, her father suddenly pushed her inside a big cotton barrel to hide. However, he couldn’t hide in time and was murdered by a sword through his back and out his chest. Rebecca tried to hold in her scream as blood came out of his mouth. But she couldn’t. She screamed as loud as she could and as the bandits noticed her, they sliced her arm off. At that moment, she thought she was going to bleed to death.

She survived. But, after that day, she became… heartless. Didn’t speak more than two sentences a day with anyone and only trained herself. She could not face being weak again. She was determined not to feel that pain ever again.

After a year of the incident, Rebecca woke up at 4:00 A.M and gathered a small sack filled with enough food and water for a day, and left her house. She put that sack on her waist and her Qiang on her back. This was the last time her family saw her. She went away, away to find those bandits and murderers, especially those behind them. But this time, with one difference. She wasn’t weak.