Sai Baba Pedro

Sai Baba Pedro

Sai Baba Pedro

Best Known For

Being peaceful after a childhood filled with traumas. He now helps whomever he can and controls elements.



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Pedro has been on the streets, lonely and an outcast for as long as he remembered. He was a man with a different appearance than everyone else. They called him a freak. They pushed him, made fun of him, and treated him like he wasn’t a living and breathing being like everyone else. 

Pedro loved himself even though he had been for many reasons not to. He didn’t let go of the life he was granted and did everything he could to keep on surviving. Theft, con, breaking into houses… He did anything and everything for money even though he wished that he didn’t. 

Among the hardships of life and the things he had to do as a child to survive, as soon as he began feeling the drops of puberty, his life changed forever. He began hearing voices. Voices no one else can hear. Voices that don’t make sense. Voices that he didn’t want to hear. There were always voices talking to him in his head that he couldn’t make sense of, and finally, He. Went. Mad. 

He hurt people, innocent people, because he couldn’t handle the voices anymore. The child who loved life was no more. He didn’t recognize this monster and was finally on the edge of giving up. 

Until a rare monk showed up and prevented Pedro from killing himself.


Haridhosiri has been observing him for almost two years now. Patiently waiting in the corners to see if Pedro will choose tranquillity instead of violence. Leaving him to deal with it himself wasn’t an option in the end. Haridhosiri saved Pedro’s life.

Spending loads of time and effort trying to calm Pedro and convince him to embrace meditation, he finally succeeded. The freak was now able to control his thoughts and voices and even communicate with them. What were the voices? They were everything. The nature, the elements, the vibrations the colors. They were the memories built up around him, they were the life inside everything. 

As he grew older, he learned to control these elements and understand his environment. The source of these mystical powers was his blood. The blood he could never track before because he was alone for as long as he knew himself. 

A true listener knows, however, that everything in the world and outside the world is somehow connected, and therefore, he didn’t turn a blind eye to science. He became one of the smartest people on the planet, a unique brain that astonished everyone around him. 

But most importantly, he became a father for the fatherless, a mother for the motherless, and a mentor to those in need of help. He was now named Sai Baba Pedro because he is making sure no one goes through what he went through.