Sun of Art

Sun of Art

Sun of Art

Best Known For

Hypnotizing everyone with his magical voice. Everyone looks up to him and he is very respected.


His voice & Hand Fan

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Süleyman is a well-known and well-respected musician in the cold but authentic streets of Arcania. He didn’t have any family if the family is only by blood. He lived alone in a big mansion in the city and sang, not only to make a living but because he loved to sing. 

He knew almost everyone in Arcania, the youth exiting from the pubs, the old people, sitting in coffee shops first thing in the morning, and those working 9-5 in corporate life but throwing themselves to the streets as soon as they are finished.

Throughout the years, Süleyman gained so much fame and fortune from the people of Arcania that he was able to purchase his big mansion at the heart of the city. However, he couldn’t care less about money. He thrived by speaking to people, learning about them and helping them with their struggles.

Süleyman, although born with that name, later started to be known as Sun of Art and his wisdom spread all across the country. People from other cities would come to meet him and seek his wisdom. Only kindness, delight and manners came from him. 

The attention he got was well deserved because of his unique voice which mesmerizes people in the first ten seconds of hearing it. He is capable of talking his way into anything because as soon as he opens his mouth he spreads kindness, love and comfort for his listeners which creates a safe haven for them.

Most people love him and would surrender themselves to him if he asked but he also had some haters. Those haters never dared to cross him, seeing all the power he has with his voice, yet they were making plans to steal it. No one could get to Sun of Art yet, let alone steal his voice. The reason why his voice was so important was because if he wanted to, he could manipulate not only people, but also objects by using his voice. 

One day, Sun of Art was sewing one of his flamboyant clothes for his daily performance when he heard his landline ring. He went and put his hand on the telephone, it was unusual for the landline to ring in the year 2073, he didn’t open it. It rang again and this time he answered it. He didn’t speak, just listened for almost two minutes. 

The first few words he uttered was “So, it’s time.”

The person on the other side sadly said “I am sorry to be the one telling you the news, but they are starting to collect the heroes, Sun of Art. We don’t have much time left, and only you can save her life before it all goes downhill.

Sun of Art smiled, he wasn’t angry, worried or sad at the news he took over the phone.

“Thank you Dimitry, I will meet you as soon as I get Natalia. Take care of yourself, and until then, goodbye.”